Vaccination Update

As of Friday 1st of October, the Victorian Government announced that COVID-19 vaccinations will be mandatory for all Victorian authorised providers and authorised workers who are not working from home, this includes C Care volunteers.

As such, those volunteering at The Hub for any session, and/or delivering food packs on behalf of C Care, will be required to receive their first dose by Friday 15 October 2021 and be fully vaccinated by Friday 26 November 2021. This applies to all volunteers, unless you have been issued a medical exemption by an authorised medical professional (please advise a member of staff if this is the case).

From the above dates, you will need to verify this by presenting your official COVID-19 vaccination certificate when volunteering.

Evidence of your vaccination can include:

In the period before your immunisation history is updated, evidence of vaccination can include a recent booking confirmation email, or the card received at the time of vaccination. Visit Services Australia for further information on how to show evidence of your vaccination status.

At all times, please ensure that you carry your evidence of your vaccination or medical exemption, and authorised worker permit.

To learn more about COVID vaccines visit the Department of Health COVID-19 vaccine website, and to book an appointment visit the Victoria COVID-19 vaccines website.

At this stage, The Buddy Initiative volunteers conducting phone check-ins from home are not required to let us know their vaccination status to continue participating in the program. However, if volunteers are meeting face to face with Buddies, they will be required to have their vaccinations completed within the above time frame.

The personal information you provide as part of this process will be kept strictly confidential, and may only be disclosed to others on a strictly ‘need to know basis’ to assist C Care in implementing necessary processes and minimising the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus.  

Whilst we understand this may create some inconvenience, it is essential that we protect each other, our community, our clients and importantly comply with Government directives, as we continue to connect our community through food and friendship both safely and thoughtfully.

To read more about this legislation, click here.