Raphi Green

Raphi’s Barmi – MAZELTOV


Message from Raphi

Thank you for your donation in lieu of gifts for my Barmi!

C Care is a Melbourne based charity that reaches out to people experiencing personal difficulties – physical disability, language barriers, mental illness, financial hardship, old age, or lack of familial support.

C Care’s aim is to break down barriers which prevent isolated individuals from becoming a part of the community, and to see a cohesive, united community, in which no individual is forgotten. This is done through a variety of programs which include: a weekly cooked meal and visit from an amazing volunteer, a weekly bread package and visit from an amazing volunteer, a monthly pantry box (non perishable items) and visit from an amazing volunteer, regular social get togethers which bring together our recipients and volunteers.


How I first became involved in C Care
I first became aware of C care after a school excursion in Year 3. When the school were looking for regular volunteers to help out, I was interested in this, so I decided to take part and I had a good time talking to the people that we were delivering the food to.


Why I enjoy C Care

I enjoy doing C Care with my family because I enjoy listening to what the people have to say and I like making them feel good about themselves. it also makes me feel good as I have done a good deed. I especially enjoy visiting a particular lady who is amazing at playing the piano. I really like listening to her play for us. It’s nice seeing how happy she gets that everybody is enjoying her music.


Why C Care is important to me

C Care is important to me since it makes other people happy and feel welcome in the Jewish community. It is also important to me because I like spending time with my family. I would recommend it because it makes you feel good about yourself and it also makes you feel grateful and appreciative for all the things we have.


Donations are Tax-Deductable