Frequently Asked Questions

Why is C Care introducing fees for the pantry program?

We understand that making ends meet can be challenging, and our pantry program has been a lifeline for many. With over 600 families currently participating, demand for the program continues to grow.

To ensure we can keep providing this valuable service to everyone who needs it, we are introducing a small subscription fee.

One of the main reasons for this change is to help you make the most of your grocery budget. By subscribing to our pantry program, you’ll gain access to essential items at significantly discounted prices. This way, you can save more on your regular shopping and invest those savings in other important areas for your family. Our goal is to support you in making every dollar go further. We are committed to ensuring your dollar goes at least twice as far as it would at a retail store (50% discounts).

We believe that this small contribution will empower you to make smarter purchasing decisions and take advantage of the tremendous value our program offers. And remember, our meal and fresh produce programs will continue to be available free of charge.

How many items will I be able to order each month?

The number of items you’ll be able to order each month will depend on the subscription package you choose. There are three package sizes, that include 10, 20 or 30 items respectively.

What items are available on the online store?

You can see an example of what’s usually available on the online store here. Note that item availability is seasonal and items may be added or removed from the store each month.

At the moment, all subscription packages offer access to the same choice of items.


When do I need to place my pantry order each month?

You’ll need to place your order by the 10th of the month, to allow time for our team to pack your box. Once you’re subscribed, you’ll receive an email in the first week of the month with a link to our online store. Use that link to place your order. 

Orders placed after the 10th of the month won’t be honoured. Instead, your box will contain the same items as the previous month.

I prefer to order through a paper form. Can I still do that?

Yes. If you find it difficult to order online, you’ll still have the option to place your order by sending in a paper order. You can do this by dropping off a paper order at our offices or by emailing it to This will need to be done before the 10th of the month.

My order wasn’t packed correctly. What should I do?

We apologise for the mistake in your order. To let us know about it, please fill in the pantry request form and we’ll get in touch with you to sort it out.

How do I pay for the pantry service?

The pantry subscription page allows you to pay via providing card or bank details. If these options don’t work for you, please submit the pantry inquiry form.

You will not be able to pay for the subscription through a NDIS or Home Care Package.

If you’d like to cancel, pause or change your subscription at any time, you’ll be able to do so by following a link in the monthly email you’ll receive.

When will I start to be charged for the pantry service?

You’ll be charged as soon as you submit your payment details on the subscription page, and then on, you’ll be charged on the same day each month. You’ll be able to pause, cancel or change your subscription at any time, by following a link in the monthly email you’ll receive.

If you’d like to cancel, pause or change your subscription at any time, you’ll be able to do so by following a link in the monthly email you’ll receive.


How can I update my subscription preferences?

You’ll be able to update your subscription preferences by following a link in the monthly email you’ll receive from us. The link will let you update your payment details, and change, pause or cancel your subscription.

Note, subscription changes will only translate into changes to your service delivery after the next time you are charged. 

If you change your subscription before your monthly charge, the changes will be processed in time for your service delivery in the next month. 

If you change your subscription after your monthly charge, the changes will translate into service delivery changes in the month after next month.


I’ve submitted my payment details. When and how will I receive access to the pantry service?

Once you submit your payment details, you’ll receive an email in the first week of the next month with your pantry order link for that month. Once you submit your order, we’ll get packing it, so that it’s ready for distribution in the last week of that month.

How can I pick up my pantry box service?

Your pantry order will be waiting for you at the C Care hub, 2 Bath St in St Kilda in the last week of the month. There’s a small parking lot right there which sometimes has space to park. 

Pickup times from the hub are:

Thursday 12-3pm, Friday 10am-3pm, Sunday 12-3pm.

You’ll receive an email each month with the exact pickup times and dates for that month. If you won’t be able to come during those times and would like to arrange an alternative, please let us know by submitting a pantry inquiry form.

How will I receive my pantry delivery?

Your pantry delivery will arrive at your door on the last week of the month, on Thursday, Friday or Sunday. There are no specific delivery time windows. If you are not home, your delivery will be left outside your door. If your front door isn’t accessible, and there is no secure place to leave it, your box will be taken back to the hub and you will need to pick it up.

Why does delivery incur an extra fee?

The extra fee for delivering the pantry box to your door covers additional handling processes associated with delivery. The fee is not used to pay volunteers who give freely of their time to do deliveries.

Which suburbs do you deliver to?

At the moment, we deliver the pantry service to many suburbs in the LGAs of Glen Eira, Port Phillip, Stonnington and some of Kingston. Here is a full list of suburbs we deliver to:

Albert Park, Armadale, Balaclava, Bentleigh, Bentleigh East, Brighton, Brighton East, Carnegie, Caulfield, Caulfield North, Caulfield South, Cheltenham, Elsternwick, Elwood, Glen Huntly, Hampton, Hampton East, Highett, Hughesdale, McKinnon, Moorabbin, Murrumbeena, Oakleigh, Ormond, Port Melbourne, Prahan, South Melbourne, South Yarra, St Kilda, St Kilda East, Windsor.

If you would like to request a delivery to a neighbouring suburb that is not on this list, please fill in the pantry inquiry form.

I also receive other food services from C Care. Will they be included in my delivery?

At the moment, by default your other food services will not be included in the pantry delivery. This is a feature we are working toward incorporating in the future. You may request to have all your services delivered by submitting a pantry inquiry and we will let you know if we can do this.

I want to change my order from delivery to pick up or vice versa. How can I do that?

Follow the link in the email you receive from us to update your subscription preferences and change the dollar value of your subscription to match your new preference, whether by adding or subtracting $5.

I can’t afford the subscription. What are my options?

If you can’t afford the subscription fee, you have two options.

You can reach out to other free pantry programs in the area to find out if they suit your needs. Here is a suggested list of food programs in our local areas. Please be mindful that not all products offered by these services are Kosher

Port Phillip

Port Phillip Community Group

Port Phillip Free Food Directory Guide

Glen Eira

Glen Eira Community Connections and Contacts


Stonnington Support Services


Kingston Food Clubs

Or, you can fill in this form and indicate that you’d like to book a call with a member of our team.

Are any changes being made to C Care’s other food services?

No. The changes to the pantry service will not impact C Care’s other food services. At this time, they will continue to run as previously. 

The Shabat bag (fresh produce) service will continue to run, 3 weeks a month. It will not run on the week that the pantry service is distributed.

Should you wish to start to make a co-payment for these services, we will soon be making this option available.

Do you have a question that wasn’t answered in our FAQ?

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