Meir Atzil

74 year old Uzbekistan-born Meir is proof that age doesn’t matter, life is about passion 

Last year, with donated paints, brushes and canvases, this Melbourne resident began painting, translating his thoughts and vision into pictures. His weekly C Care volunteer and friend, Hilton, discovered Meir’s talent and brought it to C Care’s attention 

We are inspired by Meir’s love for art and drive to connect to people, through art.  

What a great opportunity to build a platform, to showcase talent, to build community, to empower people 

Meir Atzil was Born in 1944 and grew up in Uzbekistan in a beautiful green town called Namangan.  

He completed his schooling and university there, studying physics and technology. 


At the age of 52, Meir, a qualified teacher, started writing stories, and poems. 

He has published 3 books to date.  

He also composes music, and writes lyrics in English, Russian, and Hebrew.  


He started painting in early 2017 when a friend gave him a used canvas, a few brushes, and some old paints.  

As he began to paint, he noticed that the curves and lines that he had started to put down on the canvases resulted in a pleasant combination of colour and form. The pictures were not of anything in particular, but rather abstract in their appearance. 

The ideas for his painting seem to come to him spontaneously, as he has had no formal training, and had never really tried to paint before now. He will often wake in the middle of the night as ideas start to come to him, at which point he begins to paint for hours on end.  

Meir sees a deep relationship that exists between the music that he composes, and the pictures that he paints. 

He is passionate about getting work that he produces, to connect to the human psyche in a profound and meaningful way.