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Our Most Vulnerable Through
Food, Friendship & Volunteering

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We are always looking for new volunteers to join our dedicated team. Whether a small role or big, every bit counts and helps our organisation support others.

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If you, or someone you know need help then please don’t hesitate to contact. Our team will be in contact on how and when we can help you.


We welcome the generosity of others! Whatever size contribution you feel comfortable making, every donation makes a significant difference to the lives of others.

Who Are C Care?

C Care are the leading frontline Jewish community organization supporting those who are experiencing food insecurity and social isolation. We work hand in glove with Jewish Care and other organizations who refer their clients to us who are experiencing food insecurity and social isolation issues.

Founded in 2011 as a community initiative and governed by a board, we support people and families in crisis/transition and the long term vulnerable predominantly in the Melbourne Jewish Community. C Care provides a full range of services including freshly prepared meals and food packages, self care and pharmaceuticals needs.

Critically, C Care’s programs focus on building a strong sense of community with our clients through human warmth and genuine friendships. Our social programs bring people back into the community who were completely isolated so they feel connected and engaged again. We see our clients as part of us as we are all one community.

  • Donations
  • We prepare
    & package food
  • We deliver across
  • We socialise
    & surprise
  • Those most in
    need receive!

What is C Care’s Role in the Community?

C Care ‘fills the gap’ once people have been housed, given basic financial support and provided mental health services by organizations like Jewish Care, DHHS, MJCF and many more. Once people are housed, many people find it hard to make ends meet and are still completely isolated and need support.

C Care steps in with authentic warmth and friendship and facilitates not only ensuring the most vulnerable have enjoyable, nutritious Kosher meals, we also facilitate bringing people back into the social fabric of feeling a sense
of community and human warmth and friendship, so critical to everyone’s wellbeing and life.

Professional Service Partners:


Partners Refer Their Clients
Experiencing Food Insecurity & Social Isolation Issues to C Care
for C Care’s Specialist Support Services.


Meals prepared per year

Volunteer Hours Gifted each year

Kilos of Raw Fruit and Vegies utilised per year

What does it mean
to be Food Insecure?

To be Food Insecure can mean many things. Due to financial constraints one or more people in a household is/are:

  • Completely skipping meals that they would usually eat.
  • Cutting down on the size of meals to make the food go further.
  • Skipping protein (meat or other protein) based meals they would usually eat.
  • Have gone the whole week without eating fresh fruit they would usually eat.
  • Have gone the whole week without eating fresh vegetables they would usually eat.

What does it mean
to be Socially Isolated?

To be Socially Isolated can also mean many things:

  • Feel lonely all or most of the time.
  • May have seen or spoken to nobody in the past week or longer.
  • Have no family to support them with human warmth and care.
  • Have no friends to support them with human warmth and care.
  • May not have left their home for the past week or longer and had no human contact at all.
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