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Thank you for your donation in lieu of gifts for my Bat Mitzvah!

What is C Care and Why I chose C Care as a tzedakah to donate to?
Every month my mum and I drop food at peoples houses for C Care. I really enjoy doing it since I am the one who’s gets to go in and drop off the food.
C Care is a special organisation that gives food to people in our community who are less fortunate than us or who are going through a hard time in their lives.
Most of the people we deliver to are older and dont have alot of family or grandchildren or great grandchildren to visit and care for them. It makes me realise how lucky I am and I feel blessed that Mum and I can help make them feel special too.
I hope that by dropping the food and spending some time with the C Care clients it adds a smile to their day as well as gives them healthy food to eat for that week.
Sometimes its not an easy visit and the person is not so happy or well. I hope that my visit cheers them up a little.
My parents have been doing this for many years but in the last year I have started coming with mum because I have realised how amazing it is to do this special mitzvah and hopefully make a difference in our world and in our community.
I also enjoy knowing that people that didn’t have enough food now do because of this amazing organisation called C Care.
Thank you C Care for what you do and to all my special family and friends thank YOU for your donation.

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