About Us

Our Mission

C Care’s mission is to connect our community through food and friendship. We aim to provide for our recipients, addressing the absence of two basic human needs, food security and social inclusion.

Food Insecurity is Categorised as:

Due to financial constraints, one or more people in a household is/are:

  • Completely skipping meals they would usually eat
  • Cutting down on the size of meals to make the food go further
  • Skipping protein (meat or other) based meals they would usually eat
  • Having gone the whole week without eating fresh fruit and/or vegetables they would usually eat

Social Isolation is categorised as:

A person experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Feeling lonely all or most of the time
  • May have not seen or spoken to anyone in the past week, or longer
  • Have no friends and/or family to support them with human warmth and care
  • May not have left their home in the past week, or longer, and had no human contact at all

History of C Care

C Care was founded in 2011 as a community initiative to help provide culturally appropriate meals and friendship for food insecure and socially isolated new migrants. This initiative slowly expanded from a few families per week, to 250 individuals prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic to now almost 1,800 people from all walks of life who experience food insecurity and social isolation. As the number of recipients supported continues to grow at a rapid rate, so too does the quantity of services provided by C Care.

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