Our Human Values:

Dignity & Respect
Honesty and Integrity
Growth & Broadening Horizons

Our Work Ethic:

Respectful, Warm and Authentic Relationships with Clients
Enjoyable Quality Nutritious Meals & Services
Enjoyable & Fun Casual Volunteering
Positive and Upbeat Tone
Leadership & Teamwork
Professional and Organized
Excellence in Food & Occupational Health & Safety
Accountability, Empowerment and Transparency

How We Operate: Our Human Values & Work Ethic

Our values guide the way we treat ourselves and each other, our clients, our volunteers, our suppliers and donors. Our values guide our decisions and the character of the organization.

Our Work Ethic guides how we work together as a team and organization.

Our Pandemic Response Team The Vital Program Engine of C Care

This is the dedicated and expert C Care program team who drive every program and help us meet the food insecurity and social isolation needs of the most vulnerable in our community on the front lines every day.
The team are mostly expert volunteers, so we can direct the majority of our funds directly to the clients we support.


Our History

  • C Care is the leading frontline Jewish community organization supporting those who are experiencing food insecurity and social isolation.
  • We work hand in glove with Jewish Care and other organizations who refer their clients to us who are experiencing food insecurity and social isolation issues.
  • Founded in 2011 as a community initiative and governed by a board, we support people and families in crisis/transition and the long term vulnerable predominantly in the Melbourne Jewish Community.
  • C Care provides a full range of services including freshly prepared meals and food packages, self care and pharmaceuticals needs.
  • C Care prepares and delivers up to two freshly prepared enjoyable and nutritious Kosher cooked meals each week to those who can’t cook for themselves and basic pantry items to those who can . We also prepare and deliver a weekly Shabbos essentials pack so everyone has the opportunity to welcome Shabbat each week.
  • Critically, C Care’s programs focus on building a strong sense of community with our clients through human warmth and genuine friendships. Our social programs bring people back into the community who were completely isolated so they feel connected and engaged again. We see our clients as part of us as we are all one community.
  • Prior to the pandemic, C Care had a comprehensive social outreach program including weekly social lunches, art and music classes for our clients.
  • In response to the pandemic, we have rapidly redeveloped our programs to ensure we provide direct, Covid-19 safe, non contact assistance to “keep people home and safe“ while retaining our core mission of providing community, food and friendship.
  • C Care was also founded to provide an opportunity for wider community members to ‘give back’ to the community through casual and regular volunteering. C Care has a simple and easy online sign up for community members with appropriate background checks in place to support our clients and their households with community, food and friendship.
  • C Care also has a number of other services for the vulnerable in our community and many volunteer opportunities on a weekly or casual basis.